Workshop Award

2020 Workshop Award Recipients

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Urban Geography is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Workshop Award, Dr. Sophie Webber, Dr. Kurt Iveson (University of Sydney) and Dr. Marilu Melo Zurita (University of New South Wales).  Their workshop on “Common Infrastructures” will focus on the physical systems that enable flows of people and things in cities and research about their political economy, social constitution and uneven outcomes.  Their workshop will bring together academics, practitioners and activists to scrutinize relations between the private and public sphere in the context of Sydney and New South Wales and the infrastructural transformations taking place there.  Participants in the workshop will examine the interdependencies between physical and social forms of infrastructures, the blurring of boundaries between state and market in producing and governing those infrastructures, and the relations between private and collective costs and benefits.  The conveners hope that the discussions and debates during the workshop will help to offer new conceptual and practical policy ideas for making infrastructures more economically, environmentally and socially just.


Every year Urban Geography awards up to $2,000 to support a seminar series, workshop, or similar event which brings together leading scholars to focus on a cutting-edge theme within Urban Geography. The expectation is that this award will be supported by the host department and institution either in-kind (e.g., staff time, event planning, space, scheduling, and other forms of administrative support) and/or in terms of more direct financial support. It is also hoped that the award will be used to leverage additional co-sponsors. Proposals are welcome from scholars and programs without regard to discipline, but a primary focus on Urban Geography is necessary. Funding decisions will be based upon the cohesiveness of the proposal, the support of the host department and institution, as well as funding partners, the academic reputation of the organizers, and the potential visibility of the program including its overall academic impact.

Call for Proposals

Proposals for this year’s award will be due December 2020 (exact date tbc).  All material should be sent to Pablo Shiladitya Bose, Urban Pulse Editor, Urban Geography by e-mail ( Please send the following as attachments (PDF is preferred):

(1) a one-page proposal which outlines the broad themes of the project and their significance, a general plan for the project, the academic impact of the project, and any discrete outcomes;

(2) abbreviated, one-page, CVs for all organizers;

(3) letters of support from the home department, home institution, and co-sponsors which outline their roles, and;

(4) a one-page outline of the proposed schedule including potential participants.

Questions can be directed to Pablo Bose.