Plenary Lectures

Organized in partnership with the Urban Geography Speciality Group of the AAG, since 2006 there has been an annual Urban Geography plenary at which a renowned urbanist has been invited to speak, followed by responses from two discussants. This is an opportunity for a group of urbanists to take stock and offer their reflections on a debate in contemporary urban geography, and is normally followed by a stimulating question and answer session. The plenaries and responses are then published in the journal after undergoing review.

2018, New Orleans: Roger Keil (York University, Toronto), with discussants Lynnell Thomas (University of Massachusetts Boston) and Elvin Wyly (University of British Columbia)

After Suburbia


2017, Boston: Susan Fainstein (Harvard University) “Resilience and the just city

2016, San Francisco: Robert Lake (Rutgers University) “On poetry, pragmatism and the urban possibility of creative democracy”, with discussants Katharine Hankins (Georgia State University) and Mark Purcell (University of Washington-Seattle)

2015, Chicago: Ananya Roy (University of California-Berkeley) “What is urban about critical urban theory?”, with discussants Kate Derickson (University of Minnesota) and Linda Peake (York University)

2014, Tampa: Ayona Datta (University of Leeds) “The intimate city: violence, gender, and ordinary life in Delhi slums”, with discussants Asher Ghertner (Rutgers University) and Rupal Oza (Hunter College)

2013, Los Angeles: Susan Ruddick (University of Toronto) “Situating the Anthropocene: planetary urbanization and the anthropological machine”, with discussants John Paul Jones (University of Arizona) and Jamie Lorimer (University of Oxford)

2012, New York: Anna Secor (University of Kentucky) “Topological city”, with discussants Jennifer Fluri (University of Colorado-Boulder) and Lynn Staeheli (Durham University)

2011, Seattle: Nicholas Blomley (Simon Fraser University) “Colored rabbits, dangerous trees and public sitting: sidewalks, police and the city”, with discussants Nicholas Dahmann (University of Southern California) and Deborah Martin (Clark University)

2010, Washington: Jennifer Robinson (University College London) “The travels of neoliberalism: taking stock of the internationalization of urban theory”, with discussants Carolyn Cartier (University of Technology Sydney) and Patricia Ehrkamp (University of Kentucky)

2009, Las Vegas: AbdouMaliq Simone (Goldsmiths) “On intersections, anticipations, and provisional publics: remaking district life in Jakarta”, with discussants Pablo Bose (University of Vermont) and Cindi Katz (City University New York)

2008, Boston: Michael Brown (University of Washington-Seattle) “Public health as urban politics, urban geography: Venereal biopower in Seattle, 1943-1983”, with discussants Rachel Slocum (St Cloud State University) and Roger Keil (York University, Toronto)

2007, San Francisco: Melissa Wright (Penn State University) “Femicide, mother-activism, and the geography of protest in northern Mexico”, with discussants Fernando Bosco (San Diego State University) and Geraldine Pratt (University of British Columbia)

2006, Chicago: Jamie Peck (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “Liberating the city: Between New York and New Orleans”, with discussants Laura Liu (New School) and Katharyne Mitchell (University of Washington-Seattle)