Current Issue

Volume 42, Number 6

Editorial: Obituary

Pow Choon Piew – our thanks by Kevin Ward, Editor in Chief

Debates and Interventions: Climate Urbanism

Climate urbanism as critical urban theory by Vanesa Castán Broto & Enora Robin

Climate urbanism: crisis, capitalism, and intervention by Joshua Long & Jennifer L. Rice

Climate urbanism and austerity in structurally disadvantaged cities by Andrew Jonas & Rüdiger Wurzel

Climate urbanism through the lens of informal settlements by Gina Ziervogel

Eco-communities as insurgent climate urbanism: radical urban socio-material transformations by Jenny Pickerill

Research Articles

Neighborhood ethnic diversity and residential choice: how do mixed-ethnicity couples decide where to live? by Alexander Tindale & Natascha Klocker

Resurgent landlordism in a student city: urban dynamics of private rental growth by Cody Hochstenbach, Barend Wind & Rowan Arundel

The urban commons: a keyword essay by Tessa Eidelman & Sara Safransky

Configurations of gentrification and displacement: chronic displacement as an effect of redevelopment in Seoul, South Korea by David Lukens

The transition to autonomous cars, the redesign of cities and the future of urban sustainability by Federico Cugurullo, Ransford Acheampong, Maxime Gueriau & Ivana Dusparic

Book Reviews

Citizens in the “smart city”: participation, co-production, governance reviewed by Su Su Myat

The power of pragmatism: Knowledge production and social inquiry reviewed by James Fraser

Refugees in new destinations and small cities: resettlement in Vermont reviewed by Emily Skop

Disaster deaths: Trends, causes and determinants reviewed by Ishfaq Hussain Malik