Current Issue

Volume 40, Number 9

Urbanizing the periphery: infrastructure funding and local growth coalition in China’s peasant relocation programs by Yue Du

Southern urbanism or a world of cities? Modes of enacting a more global urban geography in textbooks, teaching and research by Mary Lawhon & Lené Le Roux

Who has long commutes to low-wage jobs? Gender, race, and access to work in the New York region by Sara McLafferty & Valerie Preston

Revisiting gateway cities: connecting hubs in global networks to their hinterlands by Sören Scholvin, Moritz Breul & Javier Revilla Diez

Megalopolitan glocalization: the evolving relational economic geography of intercity knowledge linkages within and beyond China’s Yangtze River Delta region, 2004-2014 by Yingcheng Li & Nicholas Phelps

Fixing financialization in the credit-constrained city by Sarah Launius & Mark Kear

Creating public space, creating ‘the public’: immigration politics and representation in two Copenhagen parks by E. Stanfield & Micheline van Riemsdijk

A resurgence in urban living? Trends in residential location patterns of young and older adults since 2000 by Evelyn Blumenberg, Anne Brown, Kelcie Ralph, Brian D. Taylor & Carole Turley Voulgaris