Current Issue

Volume 41, Number 3

40 Years of the journal Urban Geography by Kevin Ward, Thomas J. Cooke, Richard Shearmur, Elvin Wyly, Susan Hanson, Robert Lake & John S. Adams

Corruption and Conflagration: (in)justice and protest in Bucharest after the Collectiv fire by Remus Creţan & Thomas O’Brien

Strategies of responsibilization: development contributions and the political role of property developers by Sophie Elsmore

Learning from temporary use and the making of on-demand communities in London’s Olympic “fringes” by Mara Ferreri

On, off, below and beyond the urban electrical grid the energy bricoleurs of Gulu Town by Paul Munro

Cyberspace and cityscapes: on the emergence of platform urbanism by Jathan Sadowski

Regulate, replicate, and resist – the conjunctural geographies of platform urbanism by Mark Graham

Coordinating the city: platforms as flexible spatial arrangements by Lizzie Richardson

Platform methods: studying platform urbanism outside the black box by Desiree Fields, David Bissel & Rachel Macrorie