Current Issue

Volume 40, Number 10

New dynamics of rent gap formation in New York City rent-regulated housing: privatization, financialization, and uneven development by Benjamin F. Teresa

Shifting borders, shifting center: hedging-out uncertainty in west Jerusalem’s urban core by Roni Bar

The trials of China’s technoburbia: the case of the Future Sci-tech City Corridor in Hangzhou by Julie T. Miao, Nicholas A. Phelps, Tingting Lu & Cassandra C. Wang

People’s strategies for perceived surveillance in Amsterdam Smart City by Shazade Jameson, Christine Richter & Linnet Taylor

Unbundling property in Boston’s urban food commons by Oona Morrow & Deborah G. Martin

Post-Soviet urban renewal and its discontents: gentrification by demolition in Baku by Anar Valiyev & Lucy Wallwork

Cities on the global real estate marketplace: urban development policy and the circulation of financial standards in two French localities by Antoine Guironnet

Subversive formalization: efforts to (re)form land, labor, and behavior in a carioca favela by Carolyn Prouse

Changing urban governance in Ghana: the role of resistance practices and activism in Kumasi by Lewis Abedi Asanti & Ilse Helbrecht

Cyborg urbanization beyond the human: the construction and ruination of the Matinha gasworks site by Eduardo Brito-Henriques, Daniel Paiva & Pablo Costa

Book Reviews

Cities in the urban age: a dissent reviewed by Yonn Dierwechter

Rights in transit: public transportation and the right to the city in California’s East Bay reviewed by Marcus Mohall