Volume 39, Number 6

Featuring original articles by: Alan Mace & Felix Volgmann; Alissa Mazar; Alison L. Bain; Cian O’Callaghan, Cesare Di Feliciantonio & Micheal Byrne; Nick Bailey & John Minton; Christine Barwick; Sarah Moser; and, Rosa Tchoukaleyska. Book reviews by: Pierre Desrochers and Sana Iqbal.


The role of Leipzig’s narrative of shrinking

Alan Mace & Felix Volgmann

Growth coalitions in declining cities

Alissa Mazar

Artists as property developers and small developers

Alison L. Bain

Governing urban vacancy in post-crash Dublin

Cian O’Callaghan, Cesare Di Feliciantonio & Micheal Byrne

The suburbanisation of poverty in British cities, 2004-16

Nick Bailey & John Minton

Social mix revisited

Christine Barwick

Forest city, Malaysia and Chinese expansionism

Sarah Moser

Public places and empty spaces

Rosa Tchoukaleyska


Review of ‘Eyes on the streets’

Pierre Desrochers

Review of ‘Cityscapes of violence’

Sana Iqbal