AAG Urban Geography Speciality Group

Welcome to the Urban Geography Specialty Group (UGSG). With over 1,400 members, UGSG is one of the largest of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Specialty Groups. UGSG has come a long way since 29 urban geographers met at the 1979 AAG annual conference in Philadelphia as part of the process of gaining official recognition for the Group.

The general remit of the UGSG is to foster research in urban geography in the United States and beyond by organizing meetings and seminars, developing networks among urban geographers and other social scientists, and promoting the publication of research.

As you will see from this website, UGSG is involved in a number of activities. We sponsor many sessions at the annual AAG annual conference. We also award prizes to recognize faculty, postgraduate, and undergraduate research excellence in urban geography.

Although we no longer publish newsletters, the website contains past copies, demonstrating the contribution our group has made to the advancement to urban geography. The “History” tab details the emergence and the evolution of the UGSG over the last five decades.

Of course, we are always looking for new ways to promote and to develop urban geography. So please get in touch if you have any ideas about the UGSG (e.g., suggesting links for the website or proposing new events and activities). We would be delighted to hear from you.

Anne Bonds
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Vice Chair 
Richard Nisa
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Pablo Bose
University of Vermont

Regular Board Members 
Joshua Inwood
Pennsylvania State University

Christine Jocoy
California State University, Long Beach

Emma Colven
The University of Oklahoma

Jean-Paul Addie
Georgia State University

Student Representatives
Taiza Troutman
University of Minnesota

Sarah Heck
Temple University